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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama Duped On Breakfast Tab

This Is Why Courting The International Vote Makes No Sense:


Barack Obama got snookered in a trade deal Tuesday.

The Democratic presidential hopeful was trolling the Four Seasons Family Restaurant in Greenwood, Ind., early Tuesday morning looking to lock up some last-minute votes.

Diner Steve Czajkowski, a pastor at the Community Church in town, held out his breakfast bill. "Take this [and] we'll seal the deal," he quipped.

Obama quickly snatched Czajkowski's tab. "I've got your check," he declared.

Czajkowski tried to grab the bill back, explaining to Obama that he was only joking. But Obama insisted on paying and walked off with the $25 bill firmly in hand.

"I like his message. I like the way he's running his campaign," Czajkowski told reporters.

But Obama didn't get his vote. "I'm Canadian," he said.

Judging by the returns, Obama paid a lot of bills in Indiana.

1 comment:

Peeved Guy said...

Ha! That's kinda funny. Oh...wait... since the Canadians now have a free lunch, will Obama add the Universal Free Lunch plank to his platform?