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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Inside Info - Primary Roundup III

As Expected Clinton Leads Indiana, Obama Leads North Carolina:

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(CNN) -- As polls closed in Indiana, the race between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was too close to call.

With 4 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton leads Obama 59-41 percent.

Poll workers in Indiana and North Carolina reported heavy turnout in the two primaries that could be pivotal in the Democratic presidential nomination battle.

Don't let Terry McAuliffe's pro-Hillary appearances fool you, the Clinton campaign is not upbeat tonight. We may have split wins here (if Hillary is lucky) but the headlines tomorrow will be all about Barrack Obama. North Carolina is the big grab as it has more delegates than Indiana and Obama may win that state by double digits. The Superdelegates are watching...

Meanwhile, just minutes before the polls close, Barrack Obama picks up yet another Superdelegate. Another small victory for Obama.

Update: Ouch. Clinton's electability arguement falls flat for exits.

CNN-FOX News-ABC News-CBS News-NBC News All Call North Carolina For Barrack Obama Immediately After Polls Close. Check mate?

Update: Note the difference... Visitors to Hillary Clinton's blog are embracing 'the sky is falling' slogan as they light candles and scream at the mainstream media. Contrast that with the high emotions and celebrations going on over on a thread at Barrack Obama's blog and you can see where this battle is headed.

Update: CBS News calls Indiana for Hillary Clinton...

Update: Wait just a tick... Obama pulls back within two points with Lake County yet to report. Barrack Obama still has a chance to win the state of Indiana. All hell is breaking loose as no one knows exactly why the results haven't come in just yet. Hillary Clinton has canceled her morning show appearances, a sign of weakness, and the Mayor of Gary, which is in Lake County says his city will deliver for Obama. The news just gets worse for Hillary Clinton...

Score. Pizza has arrived and the votes are being counted in Gary.

Though CNN doesn't seem to be sure where the Lake County vote totals are coming from, I am watching the raw vote. All of Gary is now counted and Clinton has actually stepped a bit further away. Clinton will more than likely win the state by three points... still, she's glad the bell is ringing and this round is over.

Update: Matt Drudge turns the page on Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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