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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Incest Dad: 'I Am Not a Monster'

Father Who Raped And Imprisoned His Daughter Cries Foul:

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Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who fathered seven children with his daughter while keeping her imprisoned in a windowless dungeon in his cellar, has complained about poor media coverage of the case.

His criticism of the international media's reporting was published in the German tabloid Bild Zeitung.

"I could have killed them all," reads the front page headline of today's Bild Zeitung. And Fritzl, dubbed a monster by the Austrian media, told his lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, "I'm not a monster," according to today's report.

Fritzl is sharing his prison cell with another man who is serving time for taking part in a shooting incident. The men have a TV set and a radio available to them in their cell.

Fritz's lawyer has been seeing him and, according to Bild Zeitung, his client has complained to the lawyer that media coverage has been "unfair" and "completely one-sided."

"I could have killed them all, and no one would ever have known, no one would ever have found out," he reportedly told his lawyer.

Fritzl has confessed to locking up his daughter for almost 24 years, and fathering seven children with her during that time.

I don't think there is anything that could make me feel sorry for this guy. We've written pretty extensively about him at this point and the sooner he dies, the better. Just picturing him in his prison cell complaining about media coverage is infuriating. He imprisoned his daughter for 25 years, raped her and possibly his own granddaughter and he thinks he deserves credit for not killing them. Humanity deserves credit for not killing this monster, yet.


Peeved Guy said...

There is no form of punishment/justice that mortal man could mete out to this animal that I would think would be adequate. Killing is too good for him and the inevitable prison sentence is going to be a joke (because a) Austria is too liberal to have appropriate sentences for crimes such as this and b) this old coot will kick the bucket of old age long before his debt is paid). The only thing to hope for is that he will get his comeuppance in the hereafter.

Shawn Wasson said...

You're exactly right... if we're lucky... that is...