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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sect Leader Jailed In New Mexico

End-Of-The-World Cult Leader Wayne Bent Has Been Arrested:

wayne bent

The leader of an apocalyptic church was arrested at a remote ranch in New Mexico as part on a child sex abuse investigation, police said.

Wayne Bent, 66, the head of the doomsday Lord Our Righteousness Church, was detained after agents arrived at the compound where the leader and his followers are based near Clayton, north-east New Mexico.

New Mexico State Police spokesman Peter Olson said Bent was facing three charges of criminal sexual contact, but did not provide further details.

This guy is beyond creepy. His followers at the Lord Our Righteousness Church are all brainwashed into thinking that he is God reborn. Parents who have left the sect over the years have often left their children behind only to be abused by Bent. I was following this story about a week ago after watching a documentary on the sect and I made an attempt to interview Wayne Bent on The News Junkie.

His reply to my request was this bizarre email.


This is Michael's response:

"Return the children and then we will visit."

He's referring to an event a few weeks back when several children were removed from the sect. I don't know if he was so delusional that he thought I had something to do with the raid or if he's just that crazy but I knew something was bound to happen. This man has his followers so bamboozled that husbands are letting their wives sleep with him because Wayne says 'it's what God wants.' He even did this to his own son, his most strident and dedicated follower. When his son and the other men made it clear that they were not happy he simply said 'take it up with God.' And they bought it...

Several times in the documentary I linked to above Wayne Bent is seen with young girls. Most of their parents no longer live with the sect. Bent admitted that at least two of the girls slept naked with him in his bed. They talked about the experience and said that it brought them 'closer to God.' The disturbing details go on and on and on as this story unfolds. By the way, Bent told his followers the world would end late last year and when the date came and went, he simply adjusted to a later date. Brainwashed.

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