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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pro-Life Cross Memorial Destroyed

"Since It's A Right, You Don't Have The Right To Challenge It":

It was called the 'Cemetary of Innocents' that is, until it was completely destroyed. What gets me is if this was the exact same situation, except the crosses were intended to represent Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. Forces, no one would have complained.


Peeved Guy said...

I;m continually amazed that the left leaning members of society are the first to scream that their first amendment rights are being trampled, but as soon as someone says something they don't like, they do the level best to squelch them.

Walt said...

I'm a left leaning kind of guy that doesn't like vandalism any more then you do. I also believe in the freedom of speech and all the other rights granted us by the constitution. How do we know this wasn't done by some teenage vandals? I'm sorry for anyone having their property destroyed, and hope they catch the knuckleheads.

Peeved Guy said...

I suggest taking the time to view the video.

Shawn Wasson said...

Yeah, you can clearly see that it is other college students removing the crosses... they also say that these anti-abortion protesters have no right to protest what is a women's right to choose.

I hate protesters of all shapes and sizes (save for real genuine protest in places like Myanmar and Tibet etc.) but they certainly have the right to speak their minds and give their side of the story. Right?