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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weather Channel In Sex Storm

Former Weather Channel Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment:

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MAY 6--As The Weather Channel's owner negotiates a multibillion-dollar sale of the cable outlet, the network's lawyers are angling to keep secret the details of a blistering arbitration ruling in favor of a former anchorwoman who charges that she was subjected to unrelenting sexual harassment by her male co-anchor, who was "romantically obsessed" with her and frequently made crude remarks like, "Will you lick my swizzle stick?"

Hillary Andrews, 38, contends that the cable network's brass turned a blind eye to the harassment because her co-anchor, Bob Stokes, was popular with viewers and scored high ratings. According to recent court filings, Andrews won her arbitration case three months ago and the final ruling was "highly critical of conduct by both Stokes and TWC management."

The network is now seeking to keep details of the arbitrator's 17-page report secret,

The details are quite damning and this Stokes character is a creep.

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