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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Supporting Pastor Goes Nuts

Hillary Clinton Supporter James Manning Needs Some Attention:

"Now, this trinity of hell. The father, the Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright. The son, the Senator Barack Hussein Obama. And the whore girl, Oprah Winfrey. These three now, they are looking to be the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of State."

The left has been doing their best to give John McCain an Obama-like pastor problem with little or no success but no one is calling on Hillary Clinton to denounce the words of Reverend James Manning.


hammer111 said...

Why don't you put this on your website, instead of this backhanded smear of Obama, you phony? Froget Hagee, look at McCain's other bad judgements:

McCain's guy Chalabi cut off for being a SPY:


McCain has long backed Chalabi:


McCain's senior advisor Black helped Chalabi push the LIE of WMD in Iraq:


Peeved Guy said...

C'mon Hammer, you can do better than that, can't you? Think Progress and HuffPo? No bias there. How would you react if I directed you to something like World Net Daily? But I digress...

First I don't think the MSNBC article actually said he was a "spy", did it? Just that he was talking with them. More than enough reason to ostracize him IMO. But if the US had done anything to stop him, wouldn't the left be screaming about us not fostering a true democracy and all that? Furthermore, who care that McCain backed him? That was 5+ years ago. If he were backing him now, I'd be a tad more concerned.
And the HuffPo article is completely irrelevant. What I took from it is "McCain knows a guy, who vouched for a guy before he found out he was a scum bag".

I'll be honest, it's late and I really didn't feel like reading all of the articles, but considering they are on Think Progress and HuffPo, I can assume that they are not "fair and balanced" and completely unbiased.

hammer111 said...

Cop out peeved, you are afraid to read them for fear they might be true. I oftene fead right wing blogs posted by others, I am not as fearful of the truth and reality as you are. You are afraid you can't ttack the message so you attack the messinger.

As for Chalabi, he was one of the main liars leading up to the Iraq war. He played idiots like bush and McCain, and yes many democeats, like a violin.