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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother Jones McCain Smear

Liberal Paper 'Mother Jones' Tries To 'Wright' John McCain:

During a 2005 sermon, a fundamentalist pastor whom Senator John McCain has praised and campaigned with, called Islam "the greatest religious enemy of our civilization and the world," claiming that the historic mission of America is to see "this false religion destroyed." In this taped sermon currently sold by his megachurch, the Reverend Rod Parsley reiterates and amplifies harsh and derogatory comments about Islam he made in his book, Silent No More, published the same year he delivered these remarks. Meanwhile, McCain has stuck to his stance of not criticizing Parsley, an important political ally in a crucial swing state.

The entire hit-piece was penned by David Corn and lacks any perspective whatsoever. The circulation of Mother Jones is less than 250k and my guess is most of those folks use it to check their oil or clean up spills. That said, I can't blame Corn for his pathetic attempt at a 'gotcha' here, he needs the attention. Problem is, this isn't Reverend Wright. Hell, this isn't even McCain's Reverend. Reverend Parsley supports John McCain, not the other way around.

Are Reverend Parsley's comments out of line? Yes. But they are no more out of line than comments made by strident Obama and Clinton supporters that neither one of those candidates have distanced themselves from. The fact is, Parsley isn't relevant. He's not claiming the United States infected black people. He's not saying that the United States deserved the September 11th attacks. He's not Reverend Wright. Additionally, what he's saying on a grand scale is being taken out of context. Nice try Corn, back to the drawing board.

1 comment:

hammer111 said...

For a news guy, you are pooly informed. This guy was actively courted by McCain to endorse him and he has appeared WITH McCain at campaign events in places like Cincinnati.

And despite your eagerness to mention Wright, you neglect to metnion HAGEE, who McCain BEGGED for over a year to endorse him. McCain STILL has not renoucnced Hagee. Hagee is a super nut who called the Catholic church the"great whore", who said God sent Hurricane Katrina because of a gay parade in New Orleans, and Hagee believes its America'a destiniy to wipe out Iran (actually this fits McCain's foreign policy!)

You may be a news junkie, but you are exceptionally biased.