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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Battle Over Obama Monkey Shirt

Georgia Man Prints Obama T-Shirts With Curious George Logo:

I'm not buying his 'I'm comparing him to a cartoon character not a monkey' defense and neither were the protesters who confronted him yesterday. The producer of 'Curious George' is outraged as well.


Anonymous said...

How could he not expect this kind of reaction? If he is racist and did it for the reaction that is horrible but even if he isn't and just wasn't thinking he still comes off looking stupid as hell.

Anonymous said...

after the rv. wright ''Hate Whitey, Hate America'' CRAP, and ''white people are ignorant, haters , gun toters, religious nuts, etc.'' speech & the nonsense talk from mrs. obama,
what did people think would be the reaction? duh! BOTH SIDES JUST STOP ALREADY ianx