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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Official 'Hillary Wins WV' Thread

Hillary Clinton Will Win Tonight - But By How Much?:

hillary clinton

The latest polls have her up by 36. Exit polls and more to follow.

Get this, Gazans are phonebanking for Obama in the Gaza Strip:

Exit Polls: It's All About The Economy... and Hillary Clinton.

Update: Hillary Clinton is already trying to spin her 'big win':

The Clinton campaign just released a memo that tries to raise the stakes of today's contest, which Clinton is expected to win by a considerable margin. "Given the attempts by our opponent and some in the media to declare this race over, any significant increase in voter turnout, coupled with a decisive Clinton victory, would send a strong message that Democrats remain excited and energized by Hillary's candidacy," the memo says.

More: "In the face of grim poll numbers, the Obama campaign has attempted to dismiss today's outcome despite the fact that Sen. Obama has outspent us on advertising, has more staff in the state, and more than double the number of offices. He has also benefited from the support of the most high-profile endorsers in West Virginia-Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Congressman Nick Rahall. By every measure, the Obama campaign has waged an aggressive campaign in the Mountain State."

More: Two in ten whites cite race as a reason for their vote.

Update: Hillary Clinton wins West Virginia by more than 40 percent.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton used her big win in West Virginia on Tuesday to make her case that she has a better chance of beating the Republicans in the general election.

Sen. Hillary Clinton told supporters Tuesday that she believes she's the stronger candidate.

1 of 2 "I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign," she told supporters in Charleston, West Virginia.

"I am in this race because I believe I am the strongest candidate. ... I can lead this party to victory in the general election if you lead me to victory now."

...and the beat goes on. The Democrats canabalize as McCain plans for November. She will win next week as well but it means nothing...

A Useless Victory: The morning after, Obama grabs 2 superdelegates.


Anonymous said...

First West Virginia, next the WORLD! mwahahaha
Get em HilRod

Shawn Wasson said...

Oh dear God, I hope (as does the world) that you are wrong.

Peeved Guy said...

Something tells me that Hillary doesn't stand a chance since Obama has Cosmo Kramer working for him in Gaza.

Shawn Wasson said...

Cosmo Kramer is unstoppable... you will know this soon...