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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Really Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore Busted Trying To Pass Off CGI As Actual Footage:

It's quite obviously the same footage. This is example number 10,218 when it comes to why you can't trust Al Gore. An Inconvenient Truth is full of more errors and misleading statements than a Michael Moore flick. Now we know that Gore used CGI footage from a movie to shock and awe his viewers. This movie is still being used in schools around the globe to frighten children and their parents into buying carbon credits from Al Gore. In an interview with the UK Sun published yesterday, Gore said nothing has improved since his movie was released. Is anyone still buying this hype?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he paid for that footage? If not, I imagine he will be sued!

jason said...

We all know that the Goreacle could never tell a lie so it must be real.

Terry Black said...

While you're complaining that CGI was used to show Antarctic ice shelves collapsing, Antarctic ice shelves really ARE collapsing, here in the real-life world. Read this:


Peeved Guy said...

Now we know why his home energy bill is so high! The computers used to render these types of films require tremendous horsepower, subsequently the high bill.

Now that he's done making the spectacular graphics for his film (that those bastards over at The Day After Tomorrow shamelessly ripped-off) I'll bet he selling energy back to the power company.

(sarcasm off)

And yet, people still listen to this guy. That is the amazing part.

Anonymous said...

ok so he used CGI, to depict what is happening at the ice caps, where is the problem in that? He's not lying, is that the best flaw you can find in this film, it's trying to educate you . Last time I checked his efforts and the efforts of people won them a Nobel peace prize. Global warming is real and if the only thing that you take from this laymen film is that cgi was reused then you need to watch it again and follow it up some real research in a scientific periodical