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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ann Coulter In A Bathroom?

Why Is Ann Coulter Signing Books In What Looks Like A Bathroom?


Coulter, hosted by Furman University's Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow, gave her Wednesday address, entitled "Liberals are Wrong About Everything," to a crowd of 1,800 at the university's McAlister Auditorium.

The following photo of Coulter, shot by The Greenville News' Heidi Heilbrunn, alludes to a less-than-luxurious accommodation for Coulter as she greeted speech attendees and offered her autograph:

The photo was taken last week but I hadn't noticed it anywhere until now. You'd think that someone like Ann Coulter could demand a better setup than a bathroom. It's not exactly VIP, is it?


Ashton Esperado said...

Probably because the Liberals who run this school hate her. Like every liberal hates Ann and even worse than they hate the enemy. Osama would get a beautiful office if he visited.

Anonymous said...

Because it takes a piece of shit to hang out with other pieces of shit.

Peeved Guy said...

Because it takes a piece of shit to hang out with other pieces of shit.

Man! That's the best you could do? How old are you? 15? I wouldn't want to associate my name with that lame excuse for a post either, Anonymous.

Since there is not evidence of urinals or toilets, I suspect this is a dressing room of sorts.
Still an odd place for a book signing, though...

hammer111 said...

Whether there are toilets or not, Ann Coulter belongs in one, as she and her divisive, vile, brain-dead sensationalistic drivel both resemble excrement.

By the way, I wonder if its the men's room, since she appears to be a man in a cocktail dress.

As someone who considers themeselve mostly a centrist, I find it very sad that the right wing seems to be represented lately by vile spewing divisive wimps like Coulter, Limbag, and Hannity.