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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Latest McCain VP Buzz

Polish Political Sources Say Tim Pawlenty Will Get The Nod:

mccain vp

John McCain, the only republican candidate for the American presidency, is now to name his deputy, possibly a Pole, informs GAZETA WYBORCZA. Many politicians would like to become candidates for the post of vice-president. Former McCain’s rivals, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, are still on the list. However, some experts claim that Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, is a No. 1 candidate. Pawlenty, or actually Pav-lenty, was born into a family of Polish immigrants. He’s a lawyer, like many Polish Americans of the second or third generation. He’s just 47, so he’s pretty young, and rather conservative.

I can't vouch for the reliability of this source but it's an interesting choice. Many McCain camp insiders have hinted that the Vice Presidential candidate would be a relatively unknown governor and Pawlenty would certainly fit that mold. He wouldn't outshine McCain and, at 47-years-old, he's much younger. He's been a very vocal supporter of John McCain this election cycle and, as for conservative credentials, he's been called the most conservative governor of Minnesota since the 1920s. Robert Novak points out some potential problems with Pawlenty here but I think this could be McCain's pick.

Could this be a glimpse into the future for the Republican Party?

mccain and pawlenty


John From Lake Worth said...

I don't know much about this guy but from what I've read (things that you linked to above - thanks Shawn!) he seems like a decent pick. I still say Mitt Romney gets the spot.

jason said...

Anyone would be better than The Fierce Varmint Hunter Romney!