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The News Junkie: McCain Brings Back 'Bitter' Remark

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McCain Brings Back 'Bitter' Remark

McCain Reminds Pennsylvanians About Obama's 'Bitter' Remark:

“We’re going to go to the small towns in Pennsylvania and I’m gonna to tell them I don’t agree with Senator Obama that they cling to their religion and the Constitution because they’re bitter.”

Expect this to be used in every Presidential debate that follows...


jason said...

OMG. What is McCain doing with his hand? Is that the dreaded Terrorist Fist Jab??

Peeved Guy said...

jason, your post reminded me of this (in case you haven't seen it before).

To the point of the post, I don't think McCain should let people forget that particular gaffe. I really think it speaks volumes to what Obama thinks of Joe Six-pack.