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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Abortion Rights Group Hits McCain

I Love The Use Of The Ridiculous Phrase 'Anti-Choice' Here:

Here's what you can do: send this video to everyone you know and Digg It! By taking these steps, you can help educate female voters in battleground states about McCain's anti-choice record. And don't forget to donate to Brave New PAC so we can continue our campaign to bring you the REAL McCain.

We're talking about a man who has voted anti-choice 123 out of 128 times. A man who wouldn't require prescription coverage for birth control. A man who voted against allocating $100 million to preventative health services that would have reduced unintended and teen pregnancies. A man who could irreparably damage women's rights in our country unless we get the word out about him now.

These folks are now terrified of even mentioning the word 'abortion'. I mean, anti-choice? Come on. This whole 'Real McCain' campaign has come off very amateurish so far.

I've been sitting back and gauging this first round round of back-and-forth action and I can already tell you that, despite what McCain and Obama will have you believe, this is going to be a dirty campaign. We haven't seen much in the way of 501 action yet but, trust me, we will in the very near future.


jason said...

Yes siree, this will get very dirty indeed. And yes the use of "Anti-Choice" is ever bit as stupid as the other sides' use of "Pro-Abortion."

Peeved Guy said...

Wowzers! McCain is really a hard ass if his state-run womens clinic won't even suggest a condom for someone inquiring about birth control.

It reminds me of these commercials produced(?) by MTV.

My first thought is that this is so outlandish that they did themselves a disservice, because who could possible take that seriously, then it hits me... There are probably a load of people that think that is exactly what it is going to be like (because the video is on the internet and all that).