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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted Kennedy Has A Brain Tumor

Ted Kennedy Has Been Diagnosed With A Malignant Tumor:

ted kennedy

BOSTON (AP) - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy say he has a malignant brain tumor.

Doctors for the Massachusetts Democrat say tests conducted after Kennedy suffered a seizure this weekend show a tumor in his left parietal lobe. His treatment will be decided after more tests but the usual course includes combinations of radiation and chemotherapy.

The 76-year-old senator has been hospitalized in Boston since Saturday, when he was airlifted from Cape Cod after a seizure at his home.

His wife and children have been with him each day but have made no public statements.

I know exactly what the Kennedy family is going through right now. A few years ago, out of the blue, my father had a seizure. My mother was the only other person in the house at the time and it was all she could do to get him in the car. Hours later, at the hospital, I saw my father. He looked terrible. Immediately the doctors ran several checks on him to find the source of the seizure and just days later we were hit with the same news Senator Kennedy's family is facing.

It's a bizarre thing to hear that a loved one is going to have to undergo brain surgery. To think of the doctors slicing and dicing their way to his frontal lobe and other parts that were never meant to see the light of day is disturbing. Brain surgery is, however, remarkably effective. With the exception of a scar, hidden by his hairline, you would never know my father had a tumor the size of a golf ball removed from his brain. Odds are Senator Kennedy, much like my father, will be just fine and may not even need surgery but my thoughts are with his family at this time.

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