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Friday, May 30, 2008

Purported Alien Video Released!

The Wait Is Over - Here Is The Detroit Alien Video:

A few minutes of grainy, black and white video show a shadowy creature with big eyes peeping over a windowsill. But does it show a puppet or an alien from outer space?

The video, purportedly capturing proof of alien life, was released this morning during a press conference at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver.

Over the course of three minutes or so, the footage shows a white creature with a balloon-shaped head that keeps popping up and down in a windowsill that was 8 feet above ground. The face was white, with large black eyes that seemed to blink.

It looks pretty convincing for a low rent operation! Seriously, I'm not buying it but it's certainly worthy of the hype. What do you think? Is it a puppet or a bonafide space freak?

OK, so the video above isn't real. It's just a mock up of what the alien is supposed to look like on the tape. Below is an actual frame from the video. The video above was actually created to prove that you can quickly fake alien videos. It was created in one day with a budget of $90.


That's more like it. The photo above is a fake for sure.

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