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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Latest Obama VP Buzz

We've Often Discussed McCain's VP Pick, But What About Obama?

Ted Strickland, Tim Kaine, Bill Richardson and Janet Napolitano...

Strickland's NRA rating and support in Ohio make him a great choice.

Support is growing in Democratic ranks for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland as vice president. He would bring to the ticket maturity (66 years old), experience (six terms in Congress) and moderation (rated "A" by the National Rifle Association). He is very popular in Ohio, a state Republicans must carry to elect a president.

Kaine is the Governor of Virginia, a state Obama needs to win.

The Democratic governor of Virginia, Kaine was a Catholic missionary in Honduras and a mayor of Richmond. He also has one other big qualification and one that gives him an advantage over Virginia Senator Jim Webb: Kaine endorsed Barack Obama early. When Kaine was asked if he would consider a spot on the ticket, he replied: "I've got one term to be governor of Virginia, and that is my plan." Plans have a way of changing, however.

Did Richardson make an endorsement for VP deal with Barack Obama?

As for running mates, by far the most common prediction is Bill Richardson, with 146 people naming him (out of nearly 700 entries). That seems plausible to me, particularly given Obama’s problems with the Hispanic vote. Richardson also may help on the national security front, given his experience dealing with everywhere from North Korea to Sudan.

Forget Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano is on the short list.

Janet Napolitano (D) is currently governor of the Arizona, elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. She is Arizona's third female governor, and the first female to win re-election. Term limits ends her governorship in 2010.

Meanwhile, Jim Webb is basically begging for the job and Hillary Clinton is creating fake groups to push for her as a Vice Presidential pick. I'm pretty sure neither of them will get the nod. It looks like Ted Strickland is the front runner at the moment.

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