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Monday, May 12, 2008

'Honour Killing' Father Speaks Out

Iraqi Man Murders Daughter For Talking With British Soldier:

honor killing

The Iraqi father who brutally murdered his teenage daughter in an "honour killing" for befriending a British soldier in Basra has said that he has no regrets, and that death "was the least she deserved".

Abdel-Qader Ali boasted that he would have slaughtered his 17-year-old daughter Rand at birth if he had know of the shame she would bring on him and his family.

He proudly told how his two sons helped with the murder, bragging that they were "men enough to help me end the life of someone who had just brought shame to our lives."


The 46-year-old father holds a key post in the Iraqi health ministry, and was quickly released from police custody following the murder because the officers who arrested him were full of praise for his actions.

Ali strangled and fatally stabbed his only daughter in March this year after a friend told him she had been seen speaking to the British soldier, whom she knew only as "Paul", at a local refugee charity in Basra where she worked as a volunteer.

This isn't a rare event in the Muslim world. In fact, it happens quite frequently. The details of this story are horrifying and the fact that this murderous man is still on the loose is enough to make me dizzy.

Check the wires yourself. There's nearly half-a-dozen stories on 'honour killings' in the last several weeks alone. The names and countries may change but one thing remains as a common bond between all of the stories, Islam.


Peeved Guy said...

It's the little things that a father does that shows his daughter how much he cares.

It's cultural things like this that make me think that democracy/peace/civilization in the middle east (excluding Israel) is a pipe dream and a campaign promise.

By the way, this is not confined to the Arab/Muslim world anymore, this is getting more and more popular in the UK and will no doubt be coming to a city near you soon. Viva Diversity!

Joanne said...

There's only a common Islamic bond if you ignore the four 'honour' kilings over the past week that have Hindu or Sikh perpetrators and victims: International Campaign Against Honour Killings: India category.

Peeved Guy said...

Maybe I shouldn't have characterized this as a "middle eastern" cultural issue simply because I wouldn't want to minimize the problem in other parts of the world, but I stand by my point.

While the type of mindset that allows for cultural and tribal mores to overrule the laws of the nation dominates, the hopes for a functional "western type" of society is a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who's the victim and who's the perpetrator, these crimes are abhorrent.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"