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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Inside Info - Primary Roundup I

This Is What's Going On As Voters Hit The Polls Today:

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John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth are pretending to be both relevant and vague in an interview with People Magazine today. Pathetic. I think they both support Hillary, I know she does for sure and I'm not sure why any of it matters as he has never had any real support on a national level. Moving on...

The Indy Star is seeing loads of crossover voters in Indiana some of which are admittedly members of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos movement. Republicans may have an effect on this Primary.

The Charlotte Observer predicts that Clinton will take 65% of the white vote in North Carolina and Obama will take the same percentage of the African American vote in the state. The Atlantic figures in those numbers and claims Obama could win North Carolina by as much as 8 points. All signs point to an Obama win in N.C..

Also, remember Mecklenburg county. There are hundreds of thousands of young, black, well-educated voters here and they tend to favor Barrack Obama. The better the turnout in Mecklenburg, the better it looks for the Obama campaign.

Everyone expects a solid turnout across the board and despite the usual shouts of disenfranchisement everything seems to be going swimmingly in both North Carolina and Indiana.

Finally, Hillary Clinton's internal polling has her up by 5 in Indiana which clearly has her campain worried. Add to that the fact that everyone under the sun is trying to predict what will happen next and it looks like we're in for a good night.

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