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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anti-Christ From The Middle East

Indiana Voter Calls Obama 'Anti-Christ From The Middle East':

obama anti-christ

Mary Bunger, a 44-year-old single mom from Abington, emerged from the town's general store on Wednesday, the only place to purchase a snack in a 10-mile radius.

"I am definitely going to try to go with Hillary," she said. "I almost feel like (Obama's) the anti-Christ from the Middle East."

Bunger reads news online about the election and has been "trying to talk everybody into voting, especially this year because I'm really scared for Obama to get it."

Bunger worries about the Illinois senator's ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose recent remarks and former association with the candidate made headlines the past couple months.

Judging by this article the rural vote in Indiana is beyond uniformed. It's already all but certain Hillary will sweep the blue-collar vote but the sentiment against Obama among this electorate is astounding.

For the record, the first polls close in less than four hours...

Update: It's also worth noting that the next contests are West Virginia on May 13th and Kentucky on May 20th. Hillary Clinton is dominating polls in both states with double digit leads. That said, Barrack Obama needs at least one solid win tonight to keep the headlines positive and in his favor. He'll certainly get that win.

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