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Monday, May 19, 2008

Doctor Offers Sex Changes For Kids

Boston Doctor Offers Sex Changes To Kids As Young As 7:

sex change

Boston’s Children’s Hospital bills itself as the hospital for children — and now it’s also the hospital for children who want a sex change, a procedure some critics are calling “barbaric.”

Dr. Norman Spack, a pediatric specialist at the hospital, has launched a clinic for transgendered kids — boys who feel like girls, girls who want to be boys — and he’s opening his doors to patients as young as 7.

Spack offers his younger patients counseling and drugs that delay the onset of puberty. The drugs stop the natural flood of hormones that would make it difficult to have a sex alteration later in life, allowing patients more time to decide whether they want to make the change.

Spack also offers some teenagers hormone therapy, a drastic step that changes the way they grow and develop. While the effects of drug treatments can be stopped, long-term hormone therapy can be irreversible, causing permanent infertility in both sexes.

Some please tell me this guy is kidding. 7-year-old children, because that's what they are, children, have no need for sex change therapy. If an adult wants to yank a sexual orientation U-turn, that's fine by me. Children, however, have more than enough problems in this day and age without contemplating 'hormone therapy' or 'sex alteration'. Why doesn't Doctor Norman Spack make better use of his time by finding a cure to the bizarre hair growth problem 'Werewolf Boy' is dealing with? God help us all if parents actually go along with this.


jason said...

This is why we need Obama! This is the type of CHANGE he speaks of!!

Shawn Wasson said...

Ha! I had no idea...

Peeved Guy said...

The parents of any child undergoing this should be beaten and the doctor should have their license taken away. Fer cryin' out loud, kids can't decide what flavor ice cream is their favorite on any given day and this fool wants to alter them at the most fundamental level? Why not just change their DNA to give them wings while you're at it, doc?