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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Naked Lady On The Loose

A 'Mentally Unstable' Woman In Utah Causes A Scene:

Two men in a Ford Bronco were looking for a lost cat when they spotted a car coming at them.

"This lady was speeding directly toward us,” said Fred Rollins, a passenger in the Bronco. “I tried to warn my friend to get out of the way, but she seemed like she was intent on hitting us and she did."

After ramming them twice, the driver pushed their Bronco about a hundred yards before it came to a stop.

That's when the two men saw a strange sight coming out of the other car.

Rollins said, "It was really crazy and as we were getting out of the car, she got out of the car and she was naked, stark naked.”

Hopefully she'll get some help... not to mention, some clothes.


Peeved Guy said...

What's Courtney Love doing in Utah of all places?

Shawn Wasson said...

Ha! She's on the road... touring with Hole...