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The News Junkie: The Charlie Crist 'Make-Out' Tape

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Charlie Crist 'Make-Out' Tape

Charlie Crist Wants You To Know That He Kissed This Lady:

charlie crist
charlie crist

How interested is Florida Governor Charlie Crist in being John McCain's VP runningmate? So much so that veteran GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone -- who coordinated a few dirty stunts in support of Crist during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign -- is quietly peddling a so-called "Charlie Crist sex tape." That's what Stone called it during a telephone conversation. And no, it is not a tape of Crist having sex with a guy. In fact, it isn't even X-rated. The video was seemingly staged to kill the rumors that Crist is gay.

Stone claims the tape -- which he discussed recently with Politics1, but didn't show to us ("I'm saving it for the national shows") -- "shows Charlie fooling around in a hotel elevator with his girlfriend ... They're making out." Adds Stone: "It was captured on a security camera in the elevator" last month. And Stone just conveniently happens to have a copy of the hotel's elevator surveillance tape, just when Crist's name is in play for the VP spot. Hmm. As for Crist's purported girlfriend -- presuming it is the same one he took as his date to the White House Correspondents Dinner in DC a few weeks ago -- she's still married (and not to Crist). Disclaimer: Always be skeptical of anything from Stone.

The tales of Crist's time at the Green Iguana are legendary and damn near everyone I speak to thinks that he's gay. One problem - no one has any proof. Also, many of the 'witnesses' who try to out Crist have checkered pasts to say the least. I, myself, could care less about what Charlie Crist does behind closed doors but it may become a major factor if he is chosen as McCain's running mate. The 'sex tape' rumors are just that - rumors at this point. Then again, what better way to prove you aren't gay than to circulate a video of you making out with a former 'Fear Factor' hottie? By the way, the woman above is Kelly Hayniger and she was also a 'Hottest Mom in America' finalist as well as a former Mrs. South Carolina.

One things for sure, if he's not gay she's a great catch...

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