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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shock: Baby With Two Faces

A Two-Headed Baby In India Is Creating Quite A Stir:

Ask anyone along the dusty, pothole filled road heading to the tiny village of Saini, and they'll know who she is. The one with four eyes. The one with two mouths. The one with two heads.

Saini is being treated as a 'reincarnation of God' in her village.


Anonymous said...

At least she's in a country where she is praised as the 'reincarnation of God' rather than left in the cold to die.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

Good point. Though I do question the quality of the medical care she is receiving in an Indian village.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately she probably won't get much. They are praying TO her and not FOR her. Either way, praying is not going to help her have any sort of normal life.

I'm reminded of that young boy with a 'tail' (aka protruding tail bone) that caused headlines a while ago. What ever happened to him? Is he still praised or did he grow up and get his 'tail' removed?

I'm sure this story will make the usual rounds, the picture will go down into the 'weird pics' on a ton of Web sites and be thrown around in a few emails then be lost for good. Until, that is, she grows up and realizes that their are doctors out there that can help her. If she lives long enough to realize this and has no mental health issues to boot.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

There's always something like this... whether it be a goat with Allah on the side or a Cheeto that looks like jesus... except in this case, it's a person... with two faces.

Anonymous said...

I saw that Cheeto! It didn't look like Jesus at all. I agree with you though...there is always something. The odd thing is that if the child is not in any pain and they just let it live out it's life, it will only live for a brief time. If they get it to doctors they always want to operate and such and the child more often than not does not survive the massive surgeries or recovery.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

You know, they don't make mention of it in the blurb I posted... but I'm almost positive I see an extra arm or two as well.