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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bill Clinton Battles Heckler

The Former President's Heckler Troubles On The Trail Continue:

The war in Iraq is the subject matter here. Will the continued attacks from the anti-war left prompt Hillary to change course on Iraq and take a tougher stance? Or is it too late to change? No and yes.


Anonymous said...

A little testy are we Bubba?

You should be reminded that being behind bars your 8th year of a 15 year purjury conviction would be far worse than a minor dissenter of your typical deceptive message.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

Sounds like you may be protesting him in the near future yourself!

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows the truth about Iraq more than the Clintons. They presided over our foreign policy for 8 years and are on record expressing concern for the rogue Saddam and WMD. The anti-war left is in for a big disappointment because the dirty little secret is that neither Hillary or Obama will bring the troops home. Oil prices jump on speculation and things like weather events. Just imagine the price of oil (gasoline) if Iraq falls and Straits of Hormuz are controlled by terrorists. I doubt that fat happy americans or the president (who ever it is) would tolerate $10 gallon gasoline.