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Friday, April 11, 2008

New Trend: Egg Cocktails

The Egg Cocktail Trend Is Taking New York City By Storm:

egg cocktails

At Olana, a restaurant that opened on Madison Avenue in February, two of the restaurant’s seven signature cocktails feature eggs: the Pear Sidecar, in which egg whites meet pear brandy, and the Apricot Cobbler, a similar drink featuring apricot brandy. A recent addition to the cocktail list at A Voce, a flatiron district restaurant, is the Agrumi Fizz, in which a mix of gin, limoncello, orange liqueur, and egg whites gets topped with a float of Chianti.

And Julie Reiner, who gained fame with her drinks at the Flatiron Lounge, is branching into Brooklyn with the Clover Club, expected to open next month, a bar so devoted to egg-based cocktails that it’s named after one.

Why all the eggs? “They blend the drink, and add body to it,” said Alki Stathopoulos, the general manager of Kellari Taverna in Midtown. A hard-shaken egg white adds foamy texture to a cocktail.

I'm a big fan of a night on the town and a couple cocktails but I don't think I want any raw eggs in my drink. I can only imagine what your bar tab would look like after a few of these yolk-laced concoctions. Would you drink an egg cocktail? I'm going to pass on this one...

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