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Monday, April 21, 2008

John McCain's Hottest Staffer

Meet Ashley Zais, Miss South Carolina And A McCain Staffer:

ashley zais
ashley zais
ashley zais

Ashley Zais, a recent Wofford grad, will serve as McCain's intern coordinator at the campaign's headquarters.

She met McCain last year when the senator gave a speech at South Carolina's Newberry College, where her father is president. Mitchell Zais, a retired Army general, and McCain became friendly after Zais published a piece in 2006 critical of how Rumsfeld's Pentagon had handled the war.

The younger Zais, it should be made clear, is NOT the same South Carolina beauty queen who has become a YouTube legend for her painful flub of a paegant question.

I've never heard of Wofford but I'd hire her in a split second.

Update: A commenter below claims the third photo isn't Zais.


hammer111 said...

Wow is she hot, and I am actually partial to brunettes. Her body is just abslolutely perfect. Look at that stomach.

But am I the only one who is disturbed by the seeming continual popping up of blondes next to John McCain that all have the same statuesque, platinum blond, million watt smile look to them, starting from his firrt wife, then his current wife, then Vicki Iseman, and now this girl.

I'm not saying he's banging this one, but it is disturbing on some level, isn't it?

by the way, since I am not running for President, I have no problem with ME banging this girl. She really is super hot. I wonder if she is any more articulate than the last Miss South Carolina, or the current Mrs. McCain, for that matter.

jason said...


Anonymous said...

That last picture is not Ashley. That's Miss TEEN SC Caite Upton, famous for her incoherent answer during her competition.