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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disgrace The Flag Project

Student Flag Project At The University Of Maine Causes Stir:

A Maine college student has caused a firestorm after plastering the floor of a campus building with American flags to see if anyone would trample Old Glory.

Susan Crane, a student at the University of Maine, Farmington, placed hundreds of flags on the floor of the school's student center Tuesday for an art class assignment. She set down the flags in a maze-like pattern to document whether students and staff would step on them.

Several Vietnam veterans are up in arms about the treatment of the American flag in the video above. I'll be honest with you, I've never understood this obsession about flag treatment. The United States is so much more than a silly flag with some stars and stripes or a pretty song that rhymes in all the right parts. I think arguing about the desecration of the flag shown in this video is the lowest form of argument. What's the source of anger here? Veterans didn't fight to defend the flag of this great nation, they fought to defend the citizens. Let's let the silly college student continue with her social experiment and be glad she's not pretending to abort babies for fun.

1 comment:

hammer111 said...

I think the flag SHOULD be respected, and I am by no means a right winger talk radio yahoo or anything like that.

I don't care for politicians who make a big stink about it, or try to pass amenments or laws about flag desecration, I think that is a joke.

But to me, the flag is a sacred symbol of the sacrifices the many brave and courageous Americans have made for this country. I think of my father and uncle who served in the South Pacific, including Iwo Jima, in WW2, and of those I know and all the rest who are fighting for this country overseas in Iraq Afghanistan or anywhere, and that the flag represents the country and ideals they are defending, so it IS sacred in that sense.

So although I don't necessarily suport legislating flag respect, I still find it regrettable to say the least when the flag is desecrated, except maybe for truly desperate protest, although I can't really think of a good reason right now.

Especially when its done by entitled, elite, indulged college students who are living under the protection that those other Americans provided them. I get that its just a flag, not the country itself, but when I consider its importance to those who actually served and sacrificed for this country, and even my own indignation that some jerk feels they should dishonor that symbol that way, bothers me.

And trust me, I am not a real right wing "flag waver" (pun intended), I don't generally have stong conservative views.

I guess what I am saying, is I don't support legislation against flag desecration but I definitely support common decency toward a symbol that means so much to many good Americans.

In other word, the teacher or advisor in this case should have told this kid to get over himself and that whatever stupid thing they were attempting to figure out, it was not important enough to insult people in the way I feel they did.

I hope you consider my view on this, because, although its just some cloth and designs, as you are saying, it represents something sacred to a lot of people who actually sacrificed, some with their health, body parts, lives, family members, etc., and I don't feel that they should be made to accept that logic. Again, my position is to just ask people to understand, and respect the flag as a symbol, and its importance to others in that respect, thats all. Funny how its mostly those who haven't done any sacrificing that don't mind the desecration of the flag at all.