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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Case For The Death Penalty

19-Year-Old Kills Grandmother With Hammer For No Reason:


A 19-year-old killed his mother by hitting her in the head with a hammer and said he did it for no reason, according to police.

Antwon Anderson was arrested Tuesday and charged with the murder of 70-year-old Jeanette Anderson, who adopted him and his brothers when they were children and raised them.

He is being held without bond this morning at the Palm Beach County jail.

According to the arrest report, Anderson confessed to his brothers, who called police.

Fort Pierce Police found her body covered by blankets on her bed at her apartment on 3001 Avenue F. Riviera Beach Police found the suspected killer hiding in the closet at his brother's apartment on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Anderson later told police what happened Monday, the night she was killed. He said that his mother yelled at him to get off the phone, but he didn't get mad because it is her phone. He watched television until she went to sleep, got a hammer out of the closet and "bashed her head in."

When asked whether he had remorse, he told the detective, "No, why would I be sorry about this?"

Why waste money on a trail or jury in this case? This lunatic has been arrested 15 times in the last 8 years - meaning his first arrest was before his 12th birthday. Antwon Anderson is no more a person than he is a genetic defect. I'd set up the injection table myself if given the chance. God help us all if this case fizzles out in court...


Peeved Guy said...


His remark "No, why would I be sorry about this?" is indicative of sociopathic tendencies. I think most people would agree that he is a career criminal (more likely career murderer) and rehabilitation is impossible.

Better to save some innocent person(s) some heartache down the road and put this guy out of his (and our) misery. As a bonus, society would be spared spending tax dollars on him.

Shawn Wasson said...

I couldn't agree more... there is such a thing as a bad seed.