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Monday, March 31, 2008

Judge Tosses Whites Out Of Court

An Atlanta Judge Tosses All Whites Out Of His Court Room:

Let me ask you this, if a white judge removed all blacks from his court room to speak directly to the whites who remained would he be deemed racist? I think that he most certainly would. In a day and age when Al Sharpton rushes to the defense of rapists because of their skin color, you can better believe someone would cause a fuss over this if it were reversed. Was what Judge Marvin Arrington did wrong?


Anonymous said...

I agree Shawn. If this were a white judge, no matter what reason he gave for clearing blacks out of the courtroom, he would get a hard time from the media. Why should this be any different??!

hammer111 said...

Stop whining for crying out loud. White men like me, and probably you, have been the priveleged majority forever, so its just not the same thing. whiners like you would have been laughed at years ago by real men who didn't whine in public about stupid things like this

Anonymous said...

He's doing the same thing Bill Cosby does. He didn't want white people to hear him criticize the black criminal subculture. As a Southern white male, I'm OK with that.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the judge was in fact being constructive in his sermonizing to those who remained in the courtroom (a big assumption, but he seems like an honest guy), he chose the wrong physical place to do it. The court room is not a place for segregation anymore, thank God. He would have been better off inviting people into his chambers if that were possible, or walking over and speaking quietly with a small group. But let's not overreact. It seems as if his heart was in the right place, and he will probably be more careful about appearances in the future.

Anonymous said...

Why does the reporter say, "reverse racism"? It's racism if it's between a Jewish person with an African American. It's racism between a white woman and a Latino woman. It's basically like saying that racism is only racism when it is coming from a white person and directed at an African American.