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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chelsea Asked About Monica Again

This Time Chelsea Clinton Was At North Carolina State University:

Listen, Chelsea, it's all my business if your mom wants to be President. If Hillary is using her time in office under her husband as experience than all important events that happened during that time are up for debate. Was there anything more important or that demanded as many headlines as the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Answer the question or get off of the trail...


Anonymous said...

There are LOTS of thngs more important than the sex scandal. As for whether Chelsea Clinton should answer questions related to it, questions that would personally humiliate her and add nothing to the debate over who should be nominated, it might help to know what the actual question was. This video excerpt does not give the slightest hint.

Editor: Shawn Wasson said...

If Hillary wants to use her time as first lady on her resume then she should have to face questions on anything that took place during that time. What was more front and center than the Lewinsky scandal?

Hillary's not running for dogcatcher, she's running for President. And if Chelsea can't take the heat from College students, some of which support her mother, she should get out of the political kitchen.

hammer111 said...

I think it was unnecessary and distasteful, but perfectly within the guy's right to ask Chelsea that question. I know the first guy asked whether Hillary's credibility wa compromised by the Lewinsky candal but I don't know exactly what the second guy said.

Anyway, my problem with Chelsea is that she is an analyst for a Wall Street hedge fund, and has lived an entitled life, so what does she know about the needs and wishes of regular people.

Here's a 28 year old attractive young lady living in Manhattan and earning well over $100,000(?)as a hedgefund manager. She is not little Chelsea any more who I feel really was attacked in the most nasty ways.

But now she's a hedge fund manager talking to kids who's parents make less than she does maybe and trying to push Hillary's neopopulist message.

Thats what I would have asked her about: What do you know about financial adversity and haveing to earn a living and support a family? And if you care so much about the issues your mother claims to care about, why are you working for a Wall Streeet hedge fund, which even your own mother disparages in her stump speeches?