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Monday, June 2, 2008

Terry McAuliffe Hits The Sauce

The Rigors Of The Campaign Trail Are Getting To Terry:


Clinton campaign Chair Terry McAuliffe boldly combined flacking for Senator Clinton with an audition for A&E's Intervention in one completely loopy Morning Joe appearance. Clad in the most hideous shirt ever made, bearing a large bottle of rum, and braying at host Mika Brzezinski that they were going to drink on on the set of the show Wednesday morning.

Brzezinski responded to the overture with a noise that sounded like: "Weeehhhh-heeeheeeeheeeoookay," later adding, "...wow." But McAuliffe, despite being overtired, seemingly sauced, and on the run from Obama-supporting Puerto Rico based chupacabras, nevertheless effortlessly recited the campaign talking points, predicted a victory in South Dakota, and offered the somewhat presumptuous statement, "I don't think Hillary will declare victory tomorrow night." Then, it was off for some more pina coladas!

The video tells the tale much better. There are rumors flying around that Hillary will drop out tomorrow night in NYC but I'm skeptical. I think she's going to wait until Wednesday after Barack wins South Dakota and Montana and she'll feel out the super delegates. Then, when they flood to Obama, she'll drop out before Friday and, MARK MY WORDS, she will cry as she withdraws.

Stop The Presses?: Hillary to drop out, endorse Obama tomorrow?

1 comment:

jason said...

Man...very bizarre.

I seriously hope she backs out this week.