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Monday, June 9, 2008

New iPhone Is Faster And Cheaper

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Unveils Brand New Apple iPhone:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave the Apple faithful and the business community what they wanted Monday: a new, faster and much cheaper iPhone.

The new, slimmer models will feature GPS satellite-tracking chips, third-generation (3G) cellular Internet access, better audio, metal buttons and a regular flush headphone jack.

The 8-gigabyte model will retail for $199, its 16-gigabyte sister for $299 — and the latter variation will also come in white.

I didn't buy the first iPhone because the Internet connection speeds were way too slow but this model looks much more impressive. If there were a decent amount of useful programs available for it, I'd buy one immediately. Then again, the odds of getting one of these suckers anytime soon are slim to none. I'll let the Apple freaks gobble them all up and then when the 2nd swarm is released with a price deduction, I'll buy one myself. I can see the lines forming now...

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