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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Miss Headscarf 2008 Controversy

As Expected, Not Everyone Is Happy With Miss Headscarf 2008:

Iraqi-born Huda Falah on Tuesday won the Miss Headscarf 2008 title in a competition staged by Danish public broadcaster DR, reported dpa.

Falah, 18, was one of 46 entrants in the competition that was open to anyone aged 15 or older.

"The royal blue headscarf makes a sharp contrast to her dark brown skin," said one of the two fashion judges, Muslim fashion commentator Helen Latif.

Co-judge and fashion expert Uffe Burchardt said Falah's headscarf had "a fantastic and stunning colour that really shows attitude and impact."

Kudos to Denmark for airing this even after the Danish cartoon controversy. The winner, Huda Falah picks up an iPod (no word on if it's one of the new ones announced yesterday) and the runners up get a subscription to Muslim Girl magazine. I wish I could tell you this whole thing is the run-up to some hilarious joke that I was working on but, as funny as it sounds, it's the truth.

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jason said...

Where is MM and the LGF lizards on this one? I vote for Rachel Ray!