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The News Junkie: The Fake Cindy McCain Controversy

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Fake Cindy McCain Controversy

The Media Is Trying To Start A Fight Between Wives:

This is the 12 second clip that the news outlets have been playing like crazy. Problem is, it's being portrayed as Cindy McCain attacking Michelle Obama for her 'finally proud to be an American' comment. Once again, the media is trying to create a controversy where there is none. As an interviewer your job, on some level, is to make news with your subjects. When Cindy McCain is battered over and over about Michelle Obama's comments she responds by saying 'look, I'm proud to be an American'. This wasn't 'Cindy Unleashed' as Drudge originally headlined. It was simply Cindy McCain saying that she didn't understand the reasoning behind Michelle Obama's comments because she's not Michelle Obama. It wasn't aggressive at all. Watch the entire interview and notice the edits before and after the money quote. You'll get a much different impression.

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