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Friday, May 2, 2008

You Call These Photos Racy?

Cheerleaders At Arizona State University Fired For This:


Arizona State University may have less cheerful sidelines at sporting events next season.

After racy photos of members of the university’s cheerleading squad were spotted on a campus blog called “The Dirty,” the school cut the squad completely, MyFOXPhoenix reported.

The school's athletic director, Lisa Love, made the decision Thursday evening.The pictures on the blog feature 6 of the cheerleaders posing in nothing but their bras and panties.

Although only six members of the squad are shown in the photographs, the entire 16-member squad will suffer the consequences, MyFOXPhoenix reported.

Isn't the school overstepping it's bounds a bit here? The cheerleaders are not naked in the photos above and they are all of legal age. That said, what's the issue here? How is this any different from one of these girls accepting an offer to pose in a Victoria Secret catalog? There have been a rash of stories like this lately. From Mayors being forced to step down to teachers being outright fired over sexy (not explicit) photos. Though legal in all cases, the firings seem to be a bit off-base and out-of-bounds. What do you think?


Peeved Guy said...

I, too wonder what the big deal is. They don't wear much more when performing their duties as cheerleaders, do they? I'll tell you one thing though, they will all be able to pay off some of their student loans when Playboy comes a'knockin'.

P.S. RE: the story of the high school teacher that was fired: I'll bet the male students that were looking forward to being in her biology class (and they no doubt were looking forward to it) are really PO'ed.

hammer111 said...

I have a boner!

Man I love how their ass cheeks are hanging out the bottom!

Peeved Guy said...