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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

North Carolina And Indiana Vote

Decision Day - Voters Hit The Polls In Indiana And North Carolina:


Duell Hinson carries his ballot for the North Carolina primary election as he walks past voting booths at the Unionville Volunteer Fire Department polling place in Unionville, N.C., Tuesday, May 6, 2008.


Kokomo Indiana residents vote early in its presidential primary at the Memorial Gymnasium in Kokomo, Indiana May 6, 2008.

Alright, last minute polls have Obama up by as much as 14 and as little as 4 in North Carolina so the situation there is a bit fluid. Over in Indiana a Zogby poll from yesterday has Obama in the lead and the lastest Insider Advantage poll has Hillary Clinton up by 4 points. A strong black voter turnout will push Barrack Obama to a fairly easy and handily win over Clinton in North Carolina and, I can't believe I'm saying this, Indiana is actually in play. If Clinton doesn't win Indiana, the Superdelegates will begin to flock to Obama and this thing could be over as early as June 1st. Predictions: Obama takes North Carolina by 9 and Clinton eeks out a win in Indiana. Inside info and details will follow as the day progresses.... Buckle up.

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