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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Massive Tornado Hits Colorado

As The Rain Falls Outside - Chicago Has It Much Worse:


DENVER -- A powerful tornado touched in Weld County Thursday, moving through the towns of Windsor, Gilcrest and Milliken, about 45 miles north of Denver and killing at least one person.

According to Weld Commissioner Dave Long, the death was reported near the missile silo park near Colo. 257 near 10th Street in west Greeley. That is according to the Greeley Tribune.

A second storm that followed also produced at least one tornado.

Visibility At This Point Is Pinned Somewhere Near Zero:


This is happening in real time... the size of the tornado was astounding in a live shot I was watching on MSNBC. It's raining here in West Palm Beach, FL and the lightning is crashing as I type this but it's nothing compared to what Colorado is dealing with. By all means this was a 'mammoth' tornado. Details and photos to follow.


Peeved Guy said...

We just talked to my father-in-law, who lives in Windsor and he said the tornado touched down about 1 mile from his house. He, his wife and the house are fine, just no power. His wife was at work in nearby Fort Collins when it happened and she is unsure if they will let back into Windsor as they've closed the town. I'm sure a quick check of her drivers license will let her in, but she is concerned.

jason said...

I was watching this live today at work too. That thing was massive. Had to have been at least an F4.