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Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Minute N.C./Indiana Polls

Both North Carolina And Indiana Hold Primaries Tomorrow:

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This, folks, is what they call the 11th hour. Two big contests will dominate the cycle tomorrow. Barrack Obama has a solid lead in North Carolina and Hillary Clinton is ahead in Indiana. Once again the DNC is facing a nightmare scenario as it looks like Obama will win North Carolina by somewhere in the neighborhood of five points and Hillary will take Indiana by about the same margin.

Taking a look at the New York Times delegate calculator and factoring in these predictions I can see a black cloud forming over the Clinton campaign. Come Wednesday there will be no statistical chance at victory for her and it will be a race to the finish line for Superdelegates. Barrack Obama has picked up quite a few in the last week or so, including two more today. When the sun sets and the polls close tomorrow, the pressure will mount for somebody to quit.

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