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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Kentucky And Oregon Primaries

Hillary Clinton Has Swamped Barack Obama In Kentucky:


(CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary in Kentucky by a wide margin, CNN projects.

Sen. Barack Obama campaigns Monday in Montana, while Sen. Hillary Clinton seeks votes in Kentucky.

With 15 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton was leading Barack Obama by 3 percentage points.

But polls leading up to the primary showed Clinton with a commanding lead -- beating Obama by about 30 percentage points.

Exit polls from Kentucky suggest a deep division among Democrats.

Hillary Clinton's margin of victory could be as much as 30 percent.

Standby for the 'Obama Wins Oregon By Wide Margin' Update...

Update: Go figure... Barack Obama wins Oregon by a wide margin.

(CNN) -- Despite Hillary Clinton's landslide victory in Kentucky, Barack Obama has won a majority of pledged delegates in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton won Kentucky by more than 30 points, but Obama's share of the state's 51 delegates was enough put him over the threshold, according to CNN estimates.

Obama is expected to pick up at least 14 delegates in Kentucky, and by CNN estimates, that will give him 1,627 of the 3,253 pledged delegates at stake in all of primaries and caucuses.

Obama will also pick up a win in Oregon, CNN projects, giving him the larger share of the state's 52 delegates.

Obama came fairly close to declaring victory but all signs point to this fight rolling on for the remaining three contests.


jason said...

From Hillary's Kentucky victory speech:

"And I’m going on now to campaign in Montana, South Dakota, and PUERTO RICO."


Peeved Guy said...

I was going to post a snarky comment about Puerto Ricans being able to vote, etc. but I decided to reaserch just a little first. From Wikipedia:
While residing in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans cannot vote on US presidential elections but they can vote on the US Presidential Primary.

Odd that they can vote in the primaries, but not in the general presidential election...