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The News Junkie: Katie Couric's 'Major Announcement'

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Katie Couric's 'Major Announcement'

Returning To The Today Show With A 'Major Announcement':

I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. I was way wrong in suggesting a possible Couric comeback months ago. Though there was a slow crawl-back for a brief time for CBS in the ratings game those gains have now been erased. Katie has avoided the Today Show like a plague since she began her stint at CBS News and this 'major announcement' may just live up to the hype.

I don't think she's even dreaming of returning to the Today Show with her tail between her legs so let's speculate a bit on what exactly she will be announcing. We all know Bob Schieffer is staying on with CBS News as his surprise deal was reported some time ago. There's a decent chance Katie will announce her departure from CBS News and Bob Schieffer, even at 71-years-old, is a solid choice for her replacement. He's done well in the ratings before and you can really only go up from where CBS is at the moment. But where will Katie go?

There have been rumors flying around for weeks that Couric and CNN's Anderson Cooper would be switching places. I'm doubtful of this because why would Katie announce it on rival network NBC? There are two scenarios that do make sense. This whole thing could be a ratings ploy for some Today Show retrospective clip show. I'm not sure why they would do this because it doesn't fall on any particularly important anniversary for Today but it's a possibility. It seems a little more unlikely when you take in the fact that this is sure to drum up more speculation, as it is right now, that Katie and CBS are on the outs. The second and much more likely possibility is that Couric will be leaving CBS to do a 60 Minutes-style magazine show on NBC. Then again, there has been persistent rumors that she could be tapped to replace Larry King. But his contract was just renewed! I'm confused... I'll fill you in tomorrow with the details.

Update: That was fast. It appears there will be a joint cancer research telethon on all major networks and Katie Couric will be hosting it. Damn! That was the least exciting of the possibilities.

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