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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Edwards Endorses Obama

Well, We All Knew It Was Going To Happen Eventually:

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - Democrat John Edwards endorsed former rival Barack Obama on Wednesday, a move designed to help solidify support for the party's likely presidential nominee even as Hillary Rodham Clinton refuses to give up her long-shot candidacy.

The surprise endorsement came a day after Clinton defeated Obama by more than 2-to-1 in the West Virginia primary, and it helped the Obama campaign steer much of the evening news coverage away from a painful subject. The West Virginia outcome highlighted Obama's challenge in winning over "Hillary Democrats" - white, working-class voters who also supported Edwards in significant numbers before he exited the race in late January.

Edwards made the carefully timed announcement at an Obama rally here, as the Illinois senator campaigned in a critical general election battleground state.

Edwards, who received a thunderous ovation when Obama introduced him to the crowd of several thousand, said, "brothers and sisters, we must come together as Democrats" to defeat McCain. "We are here tonight because the Democratic voters have made their choice, and so have I."

Hillary Clinton wanted this endorsement bad, obviously to no avail. The real question is, will this help him come from behind next week?

1 comment:

Peeved Guy said...

Jeeze Louise, was he waiting for the DNC to be over, or what? I guess he wanted to be really sure of who was going to win before he endorsed, 'cuz you know that VP slot is still up for grabs. Hillary just wanted it because she knows that she needs any little boost she can get right now.

But more importantly, does anyone really give a crap who Edwards endorses? Is his endorsement really going to push people to BHO? Methinks not.