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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Iraq Soldier Discusses His 'Kills'

'Winter Soldier' Jon Michael Turner Talks About Killing Iraqis:

What you don't see in the propaganda piece above is Turner's opening chant of 'Eat the apple, F the corps, I don't work for you no more.' Classy. Watch the full speech here to get a better idea where this joker is coming from. He then throws his medals and ribbons (spur of the moment, I'm sure) into the crowd to applause. The left is trying to portray him as 'Joe soldier', just your average GI. The freak tattooed 'F*#k You' in Arabic on his forearm before he deployed so I'll wait for his sanity to be vouched for at a later date.

You get the feeling at these anti-war conferences that the former soldiers attempt to one-up or out shock the previous speaker. 'Oh yeah, we'll here's what I saw' to a gasping crowd is the ultimate response. In the early 70's at the first Winter Soldier Conference, this is exactly what happened. Lies and misinformation permeated the testimony as partisan groups aimed at stopping the war joined the fray. Many of the soldiers present at the very first WSC, who spoke at length about atrocities in Vietnam, it turned out, never served at all. Others, just flat-out lied.

· Douglas Craig claimed at WSI that members of his battalion had fired mortar rounds each night into a local dump, intentionally killing civilians who were scavenging for food. Craig told investigators he had no direct knowledge of these events and expressed misgivings about making allegations in Detroit he could not substantiate.

· Larry Craig claimed at WSI that he watched US soldiers murder a Vietnamese civilian and, on another occasion, desecrate Vietnamese graves. Craig admitted to investigators that the man who was killed could have been Vietcong, and that the soldier allegedly digging in a cemetery could have been looking for weapons caches.

· Donald Donner claimed at WSI that Army personnel had murdered a Vietnamese male, intentionally wounded a 14-year-old Vietnamese girl, indiscriminately slaughtered livestock and failed to bury enemy dead. Donner admitted to the CID that his stories were actually lies, rumors and accounts of accidental events.

· John Lytle claimed at WSI that his unit murdered civilians by destroying villages with artillery fire without making any effort to determine who was there. However, Lytle told the CID that the villages were actually fired on because it was suspected that Vietcong occupied them and incoming fire had been received from the area.

· Robert McConnachie claimed at WSI that Army troops in a convoy threw C-ration cans at Vietnamese children with such force as to kill one or two. He also said an artillery unit had intentionally shelled a hospital and killed civilians. McConnachie backtracked when questioned by military investigators, saying that no Vietnamese children were actually killed by troops throwing C-rations. He said he now believed that the alleged killing of civilians in a hospital by artillery fire was accidental.

· Ronald Palosaari claimed at WSI that Army troops killed two children and an old lady by throwing a grenade into a bunker next to a house. He also said he saw a Vietnamese soldier cut off the ear of a NVA soldier who had just been killed. Interviewed by Army investigators, Palosaari was unable to provide specific dates, locations or the names of any individuals involved in the alleged grenade incident. He admitted that he did not actually witness the mutilation of any enemy dead.

· Donald Pugsley claimed at WSI that a helicopter gunship strafed and killed water buffalo. He admitted to investigators that no water buffalo were actually fired upon.

· Kenneth Ruth claimed at WSI to have witnessed the torture of Vietcong suspects, and told Life Magazine that he saw troops test fire weapons into a village, wounding 43 civilians. However, Ruth admitted to Army investigators that he had no personal knowledge of such an event. The CID found his torture claims unsubstantiated.

· George Smith claimed at WSI that members of his Special Forces unit had beaten enemy prisoners and placed them in small barbed-wire cages. Smith backtracked on these claims when interviewed by Army investigators, saying that the alleged acts were actually committed by South Vietnamese forces rather than American troops.

· David Stark claimed at WSI that hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were killed by indiscriminate bombing and strafing in the Saigon area during late 1968. He also claimed to have witnessed the maltreatment of prisoners. However, Stark told CID interviewers that he actually saw no bodies, was unable to identify the aircraft or military units involved in the attacks or the cleanup operation, and admitted that he had never witnessed maltreatment of prisoners, except for a single occasion when he said he saw a prisoner pushed and shoved by two South Vietnamese officers.

If you were to follow-up on the testimony above, my guess is you'd find more of the same. Yet the anti-war crowd treats it as gospel.


Peeved Guy said...

These guys are lower than scum.

If they witnessed actual atrocities going on when they were in Iraq, why didn't they step forward then, eh? "I was scared of the repercussions". Bullsh*t! Any service member is well briefed on how to report such things and remain anonymous.

These human boogers are simply attention whores that will make up horrible stories so people will pay attention to them. If they weren't doing this, they'd probably be exposing themselves to old ladies and little girls.

They all need to crawl back under their rocks.

Shawn Wasson said...

Tell them how you really feel!

jason said...

Spot on, peeved guy.

Yeah, I was pretty skeptical about this when I saw it today. Something about it just didn't seem right.