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Friday, May 23, 2008

Grandmother Tossed Down A Well

Sex Offender Tosses Woman Down A Well And Flees The Scene:

sex offender

Last week, in a place called Gun Barrel, Texas, a 63-year old woman was abducted from her home near midnight by a violent convicted sex offender who allegedly beat her with the barrel of a gun, dragged her into the woods and presented her with a nightmarish trio of choices, she told ABC News.

He told her he could strangle her, shoot her or toss her down a concrete well in the woods, she said. Before she could choose, she felt herself tumbling headlong into a dank, underground well that opened like a cistern at its base 20 feet beneath the ground.

The woman spent 16 hours in putrid water at the bottom of the well before her frantic family pieced together the fragmented clues to her disappearance and tracked her to the watery, underground prison.

It went something like this: A Texas Grandmother was sitting at home minding her own business when an 18-year-old claiming to have car trouble knocked on her door. She allowed him to use the phone and he left only to return minutes later with a shotgun. The hoodlum, Joshua Cannon, then beat, abducted and sexually assaulted the 63-year-old woman over a period of several hours.

After the ordeal was over, Cannon took the victim to a remote spot in the woods. He offered her the choice of several methods of murder. Before she could respond, the proud member of the Worst Generation tossed her down an abandoned well. Hours later, her family members started piecing together clues that eventually led to her, bruised and broken, at the bottom of a well.

Joshua Cannon was convicted, only days before, of a sex offense after molesting a five-year-old girl. His bond is an embarrassingly low $17,500 and he has only been charged with 'unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and possession of a firearm by a felon' to this point. If this bastard doesn't face an attempted murder rap, I'll be on the first plane to Texas to sort this out myself.

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