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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay Marriage Declared Legal In CA

California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban 4-3:

California's supreme court ruled that a ban on gay marriage was unlawful Thursday, effectively leaving same-sex couples in America's most populous state free to tie the knot in a landmark ruling.

In an opinion that analysts say could have nationwide implications for the issue, the seven-member panel voted 4-3 in favor of plaintiffs who argued that restricting marriage to men and women was discriminatory.

"... limiting the designation of marriage to a union 'between a man and a woman' is unconstitutional and must be stricken from the statute," California Chief Justice Ron George said in the written opinion.

Before Thursday only one US state -- Massachusetts -- allowed gay marriage, although California, New Jersey and Vermont have legislation which grants same-sex partners many of the same legal rights as married couples.

Expect a rush of marriages and media coverage very soon. This actually goes hand-in-hand with the outlook all three Presidential candidates have on gay marriage. It should be taken to task on a state by state basis and there is no need for a national solution to this debate. Do you think gay marriage should be legalized nationally?

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