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Friday, May 9, 2008

Child Sex Club Owner Gets Life

The Award For Most Disturbing Story Of The Day Goes To...:

child swingers club

TYLER, Texas — A jury again needed just four minutes Thursday to convict an organizer of an East Texas swinger's club where prosecutors say young children were forced to perform sexual acts for an audience.

Shauntel Mayo, 29, faces life in prison after being found guilty on charges that she forced three siblings, ages 7 through 10, to have sex with each other or perform sexual acts for club members who paid to watch.

In March, Mayo's 36-year-old boyfriend, Jamie Pittman, was also found guilty in four minutes. He was sentenced to life in prison after jurors deliberated for just two minutes.

Some jurors cried during testimony in Mayo's three-day trial, the Tyler Morning-Telegraph reported.

The children were also given drugs which Mayo and company called 'happy pills.' A life sentence is a slap on the wrist in this case. They need to track down every single person who went to this 'child swingers club' and throw them in a cell with these creeps. If you're a parent, I can imagine a story like this hits you twice as hard.

1 comment:

hammer111 said...

Yeah, no punishment is enough for this scum. Personally, I hope that they endure daily terror in prison followed by a painful, drawn out grisly death where they suffer and beg for their life before having their miserable worthless lives snuffed out.