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Friday, May 9, 2008

Bill Clinton Screams At Voter

At An Appearance In West Virginia, Bill Clinton Went Nuts:

What a jackass. Your wife's campaign is in a free fall at the moment and she's trying to go out after a victory in West Virginia, you've already ruined your reputation and the public support you held for so long has eroded completely and you do this? The icing on the cake for Obama's campaign would be a Hail Mary victory in either West Virginia or Kentucky, both states Clinton should clearly win. Those easy victories become that much harder when Bill Clinton makes gaffes like this.


Publius said...

Bill was a "jackass" there?

Obviously YOU are so in the tank for Obama that you have lost any pretense to grasping reality.

I am NO fan of the ex-rapist in chief, but he replied fairly well to a distempered Obama supporter there as far as I am concerned.

Obama surrounds himself with people who despise this country. As close associates he has murderers (Dohrn), terrorists (Ayres), racists (Wright), and communists(Graham-Felsen).

Are THESE the sort of people YOU support?

Mark said...

Hey, check out the new movie called Demons for Hillary at .

Shawn Wasson said...

The man has ruined both his and his wife's reputation in a matter of months. Granted, the reputation was already a bit muddied but he buried it as far as he could. As for being in the tank for Obama... you clearly haven't been around here long...

slp said...

Your wife's campaign


You're wife's campaign

Peeved Guy said...

Bill is a jackass, but not necessarily for this.
Of the recent video and sound bites that have surfaced in recent months of Bill losing his cool and showing how much of a tool he really is, this one is one of the tamer ones.

I think he was just coping with a heckler, just like many politicians not running for office would have. Based on the crowd reaction, I don't see this as a negative for Hillary. I kinda wish the John Kerry security detail had been there.

Obviously YOU are so in the tank for Obama that you have lost any pretense to grasping reality.

Now that is funny.

Anonymous said...

I cannot help but take a page out of the Dims' playbook and note that there sure were a lot of white people at that speech!

Anonymous said...

Of course he is defending Hillary, he wants her ass out of his house so he can get real women into his bed, not the shemale he married.