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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wesley Snipes Gets Three Years

Snipes Has Been Sentenced To 3 Years In Tax Fraud Case:

news junkie

OCALA, Fla. -- Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 36 months in prison, Thursday.

Snipes was convicted of three misdemeanor charges for not filing his taxes. Three years was the maximum sentence allowed.

Snipes’ defense team spent the morning arguing that he should not have to go to prison.

Three years for misdemeanors? The punishment seems a bit hefty in this case. The government clearly wanted to make an example out of Snipes. And Snipes will spend the next 36 months thinking about that example. It all seems a bit steep for a victimless crime, no?


Anonymous said...

Give me a frickin break.Where does it say any where I MUST file an income tax return.Can any body find the written law than describes how and when or why we must file? Look it up.You might be surprised to find or not to find it.Shocking as it may be,we've all been duped.We are all a bunch of suckers folks.Not that I am a big Snipes fan,But I am glad somebody finally had the "lls" to stand up and stick up for there rights.
C'mon people,get with the program.I don't get why YOU are not on the side of truth? Do you want to get ripped off on a regular basis.Where's all the determination we used to have?What the hell has happed to our freedoms?Where the hell are you people that used to stand up and be counted.Are we all A bunch of whimpering wantabe's?Please do not complain any more if you can't or won't do any thing about it! We as a people have given our rights away to the Gestapo mentality that has taken hold of our so called Govt.If you care ,do something.If not,waller in it.

John, New Orleans Personal Training said...

Don’t know if I would use Woody as a character witness.

Peeved Guy said...

Hey anonymous,
If you're so concerned about the truth, why don't you use your real name to post you little rant? And, if people don't need to be paying taxes, why do so many do it. Do you think you're the first genius to figure this out? No. Others have tried before and have had big fines levied against them or have gone to the Pen. Here's a little reading for you: THE TRUTH ABOUT FRIVOLOUS TAX ARGUMENTS

How about you stop being a freeloader and start paying your fair share? I'm getting sick of supporting your ass.

Peeved Guy said...

why don't you use your real name to post you little rant?

That should read:
why don't you use your real name to post your little rant?

I don't know if a person can be a rant, but it was not my intent to call Anonymous one

Shawn Wasson said...

The idea that you don't have to pay income taxes because something wasn't ratified by 2/3rd of something else a million years ago is laughable. The federal government requires us to pay taxes, end of discussion.

I do think the sentence was a bit harsh. Everyday I sift through news stories of child molesters and murderers who get off easier than this. Why can they simply force Snipes to fork over the cash? And if he doesn't, then you hit him with the big sentence.

Mike said...

If we don't want to pay taxes anymore then have the 16th Amendment repealed. It was put in place in 1913 and weather or not it was ratified is besides the point, we have been paying these "direct taxes" since 1913 and will continue until it is repealed. The original Constitution only aloud for "Indirect taxes", when the banking systems took over our currency they pushed for the direct tax implementation that is now in place. Call your senators and congressmen and have them repeal the 16th amendment and we will be better for it. Follow the original intent of the Constitution and we will be the free Republic that was handed to the people by the founders who would have already thrown another tea party over the current government situation we have now.
Remember the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are a restriction on the government not the people, they are "Legal Documents" and are to be followed to the letter. we the people have forgotten that and hae let the feds take our rights, money, property, and freedoms.
"Mol┼Źn labe"