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Monday, April 14, 2008

Wall Street Journal Spoof

Tabloid-Style Satire Paper Sets Aims Towards Rupert Murdoch:

It seems someone at The Wall Street Journal really likes a biting new parody of the paper — likes it enough, in fact, to leave at least one newsstand with no copies remaining for anyone else to buy.

The tabloid-format satire, “My Wall Street Journal,” mostly sets out to skewer The Journal’s new owner, the News Corporation, and its chairman, Rupert Murdoch, with swipes at News properties like Fox News, The New York Post and The Journal itself. It takes aim at other targets, too, including Wall Street firms and traders, and assorted politicians and pundits.

The first edition also features this piece on Ann Coulter:

At least one newstand owner says someone from the Wall St. Journal purchased all available copies of the satire. Then again, that story could be nothing more than an attempt to drum up buzz for this semi-funny parody paper. Either way, the battle lines exist.


Aston Villa said...

Ann Coulters body is not that hot in real life! She wishes it was.

Anonymous said...

It's still better than Randi Rhodes, even with 7 plastic surgery procedures.